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Spring Classes at AAD
Tuesday May 23rd - Thursday June 26th


Studio 1 ~                  Miss Norma

Ages 8-11                    3:45p-4:30p                   Ballet Technique

Ages 8-11                    4:30p-5:15p                   Jazz Technique

                                    5:15p-5:45p                   Intermediate Pointe

Ages 12+                     5:45p-6:30p                   Ballet Technique

                                    6:30p-7:00p.                  Advanced Pointe (Invitation ONLY)


Studio 2 ~              Miss Jacquie

Ages 8-11                  4:30p-5:15p                    Tap Technique 

Ages 5-7                    5:15p-6:00p                    Hip Hop/Tumbling

Ages 8 -11                 6:00p-6:45p                    Hip Hop/Tumbling

Ages 12+                   5:30p-6:15p                    Advanced Hip Hop


Studio 1 ~              Miss Christina

Ages 4-5                     3:30p-4:15p                   Tumble and Groove

Ages 3-4                     4:15p-4:45p                   Mini Tumblers

Ages 12+                    4:45p-5:30p                   Advanced Tap

Ages 12+                    5:30p-6:16p                   Audition Class

Studio 1 ~              Miss Norma

Ages 3-4                     3:45p-4:15p                    Petite Princess

Ages 4-5                     4:15p-5:00p                    Creative Dance

Ages 5-6                     5:00p-6:00p                    Kindercombo Ballet/Jazz

Ages 7-9                     6:00p-7:00p                    Dance Combo Ballet/Jazz





Studio 1 ~              Miss Christina

All Ages                      3:45p-4:30p                     Improv Workshop for Company Dancers

Ages 12+                    4:30p-5:15p                     Strength and Flexibility

Ages 8-11                   5:15p-6:00p                     Intro to Contemporary

Ages 12+                    6:00p-6:45p                     Acro      

Studio 2 ~              Miss Norma

Ages 5-7                     3:45p-4:30p                     Ballet

Ages 8-11                   4:30p-5:15p                     Turns and Leaps

Ages 12+                    5:15p-6:00p                     Turns and Leaps

Ages 8-11                   6:00p-6:45p                     Strength and Flexibility


Studio 1 ~              Miss Allison

Ages 7-9                     9:30a-10:15a                   Dance Combo Level 2 - Ballet/Tap

Ages 5-6                     10:15a-11:00a                 Dance Combo Level 1 - Ballet/Tap

Ages 3-4                     11:00a-11:45a                 Creative Dance

Ages 2.5-3                  11:45a-12:30p                 Petite Princess


5 weeks of classes: 1 class per week $125.  Second class is $75 for the 5 weeks. All additional classes are $60.00 per class.


1 class per week for 5 weeks = $125

2 classes per week for 5 weeks = $200

3 classes per week for 5 weeks = $260

4 classes per week for 5 weeks = $320

Unlimited classes per week for 5 weeks = $350

New this year....

Mini Tumblers 

A fun acro dance class for ages 3-4. We will work on strength, balance and coordination while also learning basic acro skills – bridges, somersaults and much more.

Tumble and Groove

Tumble and Groove is our introduction to Hip Hop and basic acrobatics for preschoolers. Specially designed for our youngest students ages 3-4 this is a fun class filled with exploration of rhythm and expression.

Hip Hop/Tumbling

Using hip hop techniques and tumbling basics we will be placing an emphasis on isolating body parts, freestyle dance moves, as well as gaining upper body strength, flexibility and basic tumbling skills that would be incorporated a dance routine. The class includes a basic technique warm-up, basic hip hop moves, steps that travel across the floor, combinations and basic tumbling training.

Audition Class

This class is designed to prepare our more advanced dancers for audition or scholarship opportunities. They will be learning different tips, techniques, and proper dance Etiquette. The dancers will learn different styles of choreography  week to week and will be doing mock auditions. This will also be extremely helpful for our dancers who participate in dance conventions.

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