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Please check out our Summer Classes page for our schedule!




Good afternoon AAD families:

We are doing something fun and hope that you can join us.  Today we are doing an AAD Scavenger Hunt and I hope you can join us and have some fun.  This is for Mini Co., Primary Co. and Company Prep.


The scavenger hunt is today at 7:00pm.  Please check your email for further details. 

If you are not a member of our Private Facebook group, please click the link and request access... 




All About Dance Families, if you haven't already done so, please request access to join us on our All About Dance Family private Facebook page.  We are offering a ton of things for your child to do. Don't miss out!



Good afternoon AAD Families:

We have finally heard back from the competition companies.  They are dealing with this crisis as all of us are.  Here is the information that was relayed to me by both Starpower and Dance to Inspire.

1.  Starpower competition has  postponed indefinitely.
2.  Dance to Inspire has rescheduled, but have no dates or information available.
2.  All money paid is non-refundable - this is standard policy for all dance competitions, and they are making no exception       for the COVID-19 situation.

1. Both companies will credit us the monies to be used for next year's competition. So if there is any good news to this is       that we didn't lose our money completely. 

I hope you are all hanging in there and are staying healthy.  I also hope everyone is taking advantage of our Facebook classes as well as all classes posted to your Dance Studio Pro account.  

As always,

And I can't wait to see you all soon!!!

Miss Lisa








Hello AAD Families:

If you haven't already done so, please go on Facebook and sign up for our private All About Dance Family page.   

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR LINK or email us and we will resend it to you.

We have videos, that your kids can watch and coloring pages just for fun!  We will add things weekly, so you have another tool to keep your dancers busy.  Please feel free to take all the classes.  It's good for the kids to go back to basics as well as challenge themselves.  We are trying to add the videos to our website for those that do not have Facebook.  Please be patient with us.

Miss Lisa 




Hello All About Dance Families,

Effective immediately, we are closing the studio until April 7th. This has been a very hard and emotional decision, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. We are officially in a state of National Emergency and must act accordingly by adopting the philosophy “Better Safe Than Sorry.” All About Dance will do our part to stop the spread of the virus and hopefully, help bring the end date of this crisis a little closer. If closing our doors keeps even one family member, friend, or anyone in our community from getting seriously ill, it is worth it. I know this will be devastating for us all in many ways, not the least of which, financial, but at this time, I know this is the best decision for the health and safety of our dance family.

Our staff is working hard on the transition to Virtual Learning. We have been researching, training, and preparing to teach our classes online. I would ask that you, please let us show you how we can provide dance education, physical activity, and even a social connection to your dancers while they are at home in the coming weeks. We will be sending activities, lessons, and recital training to you. We've created an online presence, noted below, and will be updating each platform. Our goal is to have enough content that the kids can dance as much as they want to.

How will the online dance classes work? Below are the links to lessons for your specific class that will have you learning technique and recital choreography (if not finished), working on flexibility and conditioning and some fun extras! I will also be implementing ways for dancers to send in questions to the instructors, as well as communicate and share their videos of practicing choreography, conditioning, and freestyling. And, of course, for those who want to email me their videos of them dancing at home, I would love to post them to encourage everyone out there to keep at it.

FACEBOOK - We created a new, private Facebook page for current families. We will post updates, fun videos, share social media challenges, and share links to dance-related things we think your kids will love. We will also be adding online classes that our teachers are videoing this week. Each teacher will have their own album where you will be able to view their classes. The page is private, so please DO NOT SHARE with non-AAD students at this time. We are updating daily, so please be patient. Again, this is a private page so please click the link below, and I will accept you.

Once you are accepted to our Facebook page, you will find the following options:

1. Photos
2. Albums
3. Click on specific teachers’ classes.

You also have the option to take any of the other classes listed.

CLI STUDIOS - I have opened an account with them as of yesterday. There are over 100 classes available for students to stream, plus their faculty will be going live often with brand new classes. This group of choreographers and their online courses are a much safer and better alternative to YouTube. They are the best of the best in the business! This is like going to master classes and conventions in your own home. Here is the link.


INSTAGRAM & TIK TOK - Follow @allaboutdance29 (insta) and allaboutdance (tik tok) for social media challenges and lots of fun activities!

I would like to take a minute to remind my AAD families:

1. Your family has invested time and money into your child’s training, so please view this school sabbatical as an opportunity to have your dancer challenge herself by committing to a regular, daily routine. This consistency will help to keep them stretched and limber during this time away from the studio. And, once classes resume back in the studio, we’ll be better able to “pick back up where we left off.”

2. Being stuck at home, more than ever now, our kids will need exercise and physical activity. Online dance is the perfect complement to online their online academics. This balance is the key to staying healthy and happy!

3. All of the news today is very frightening for adults, let alone children. Their worlds have been turned upside down. Having our kids stick to their routine (even if their dance classes are now at home) helps to reduce anxiety by bringing back even a little bit of normalcy into their lives.

4. There are some HUGE benefits of having class online: they can access it any time, they can access it multiple times a week - this is like getting many courses for the price of just one! – if there is a particular step they didn’t understand or something the instructor said they didn’t hear, they can just rewind and replay that part over and over again as often as they want without fear of holding up the class.

This small business needs your support during this trying time if we are going to survive and continue to be a fixture in this community once this outbreak passes. We have rent and many other overhead expenses that have to be paid. Most importantly, our teachers sincerely need to continue working for their livelihood and that of their families. I am thinking of this as we are opening new doors and finding new ways to educate. Families go through tough times. We ARE a family, and we WILL make it through this together!

I would like to take a minute to answer some frequently asked questions:

What about Starpower? As we know, Starpower has canceled our competition this past weekend. We are waiting to hear about a possible rescheduling. As soon as I hear from them how they are going to proceed, I will let everyone know.

What about Dance to Inspire? As of now, we are waiting to hear from DTI on how they are going to proceed. With the governor’s ban on gatherings of 50 or more people having just been announced yesterday, I suspect this competition will also be postponed. When I hear something definite, I, again, will let everyone know.

What about the Recital? We at All About Dance Studio are moving forward as planned toward an end-of-the-season recital to showcase our amazing performers and all of their hard work. These students deserve it! As I mentioned above, we will continue learning recital choreography with the online classes and go from there. We have options – such as continuing classes into June and postponing to a summer recital, recording the recital without an audience, and live streaming it. Keep in mind these are all just ideas as of right now. I am researching options and will reassess in the near future. We don't have to rush and decide now.

What about costumes? All costumes have been ordered, and I will continue to receive them as they come in. We will wait until classes to resume to try on costumes and hand them out.

What about Universal Studios? At this point, we are proceeding as planned with our October trip. I spoke with Kayla today and she said she will have more information next week.

Please email me any questions or ideas you may have. And please continue to check your emails and our AAD Message Board for updates. This is an ever-evolving situation and we are using it to be creative and innovative so that our dance family can have some normalcy and consistency in this uncertain time. We are incredibly grateful for your support and kindness now more than ever!  We know if we stay positive and work together, we can ride this out and get our amazing lives back to normal. We look forward to communicating with you again soon on our new adventure of online training!

Miss Lisa, Miss Christina, Miss Erica, Miss Kelsey, Miss Norma, and Miss Allison




There are no classes today, Saturday, March 14th.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  We are diligently working on a class make up schedule. Stay healthy.


03/13/2020 (a)

Well, we knew it was coming, and we have prepared for the Swampscott School District's response to the Coronavirus.  

"Leadership for all 28 school districts have decided to close their school facilities beginning on Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. School district leadership will continue to re-evaluate the situation on a day-by-day basis.  The decision to collectively close schools on the North Shore area has been made after significant consideration and in an effort to proactively address the evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation."

With that being said, All About Dance will be closed as well.  Just today, the studio underwent a deep cleaning and sanitizing.  It will remain empty for the time being.  It is my hope that by minimizing the amount of traffic in and out of the studio, when class do resume, all my dancers can rest assured they will be coming home to a clean and safe environment.


For now, the tentative plan, along with Swampscott Schools, is to reopen Monday, March 30th.  Keep checking emails and the AAD Message Board for updates.  During our sabbatical, we are looking into some online dance classes to keep everyone engaged and limber and will be getting that information to you as soon as we can work out the technical details.  

Stay safe, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, keep your distance from others, and keep dancing.

Miss Lisa



Please click link regarding Gov. Baker bans gatherings of over 250 people amid coronavirus outbreak.



Due to the escalating nature of the news surrounding the coronavirus, I feel it is in my students' best interest if I keep the studio empty at least until after it is deep-cleaned and sanitized this coming Friday.


So, there will be no classes today, Thursday, March 12th.


I will also be canceling classes on Saturday, March 14th.  The air will be free of all cleaning/chemical smells by Saturday morning, but I would feel more comfortable if the studio were to remain empty.


Depending on how the situation develops over the weekend, I will make a determination whether or not classes will resume on Monday, March 16th.


Please keep an eye on your email for updates and always check this message board.


As always, should Swampscott schools cancel school, AAD will automatically cancel classes as well.


Stay safe and healthy and don't forget to wash those hands!


Miss Lisa

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