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Summer Classes at AAD
Wednesday July 13th- Thursday, August 18th*



Studio 1 ~                Miss Norma 

3:00p-3:45p             Strength and conditioning   Ages 9-11

4:00p-4:45p             Jazz Technique                   Ages 9 -11

5:00p-5:45p             Strength and Conditioning  Ages 12+

6:00p-6:45p             Jazz Technique.                  Ages 12+



Studio 1 ~                Miss Norma 

3:00p-3:45p             Inro to Pointe                       Ages 11+

4:00p-4:45p             Turns and Leaps                 Ages 9-11

5:00p-5:45p             Intro to Pointe                      Ages 12+ 

6:00p-6:45p             Turns and Leaps                 Ages 12+

7:00p-7:45p             Adult Ballet

Studio 2 ~                Miss Allison

3:00p-3:30p             Petite Princess                   Ages 2.5-4

3:45p-4:30p             Kindercombo.                     Ages 5-6

4:45p-5:30p             Dance Combo                    Ages 7-9

5 weeks of classes: 

1 class per week for 5 weeks = $125

2 classes per week for 5 weeks = $200

3 classes per week for 5 weeks = $275

4 classes per week for 5 weeks = $350


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portrait of female child practice classi

Petite Princess - Ages 2.5-4

Petite Princess class is an introduction to basic dance skills through fun an innovative ways meant to instill a love for dance while expanding the child's creative approach to movement. Basic coordination and gross motor skills are improved while exploring your child's imagination and creativity while using special props and activities. Ballet etiquette and basics are introduced as we build a foundation for future learning. 

Dance Attire: Pink or Black leotard, pink tights 

Shoes: Pink ballet shoes

Hair: In a bun or ponytail. 

Thursday           3:00p-3:30p

Young Ballerinas

Kindercombo - Ages 5-7

Kinder Combo is the child's first introduction to traditional dance through a combination class of basic ballet and either jazz, hip-hop or tap. Percussion is used to teach rhythm and musical awareness. Etiquette, posture and grace are accented, while keeping dance a fun and creative experience. Specifically designed for children ages 5-7, this class evolves with the child's educational development, teaching how to be expressive through artistic means. 

Dance Attire: Pink or Black leotard, pink tights 

Shoes: Pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes

Hair: In a bun or ponytail. 

Thursday           3:45p-4:30p

Dance Class

Dance Combo - Ages 7-9

In Dance Combo, various combinations of dance are taught to give students a well-rounded base and a chance to explore dance forms. The coordination and attention of school age children allows for a more concentrated class and the dance technique and basic theory. The combo class attempts to balance structure dance training with creative concepts so the class is fun while also being educational. The combo class creates the best foundation for learning for 1st and 2nd and 3rd graders. It is highly recommended as a base for future study. 

Dance Attire: Pink or Black leotard, pink tights 

Shoes: Pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes

Hair: In a bun or ponytail. 

Thursday            4:45p-5:30p

Zumba Class

Jazz Technique

Jazz dance is an American dance form which evolves and changes with the latest popular styles. Hip Hop is the latest in popular street and video moves, put into combinations that are fun and exciting! Students work on placement and technique while learning modern funky and contemporary jazz styles. The class consists of a warm-up, floor progressions and combinations. 

Dance Attire: Pink or Black leotard, pink or tan tights, dance shorts or jazz pants  

Shoes: tan jazz shoes ( gore boot style)

​Hair: pulled back in a pony tail or bun


Wednesday Ages 9-11         4:00p-4:45p

Wednesday Ages 12+.         6:00p-6:45p  

three young cute ballerinas perform exer

Intro to Pointe

Dancers wishing to enroll in AAD Pointe class for the fall season are REQUIRED to take either Spring or Summer session ‘Introduction to Pointe Class’.  This is a necessary class to evaluate if a student is fully developed structurally and strong enough to train in this form of Ballet.

The class will consist of exercises to achieve correct posture, balance, placement, strength, readiness and maturity. It will prepare students who are committed and strong enough to begin the process of dancing on Pointe.

Taking “Intro to Pointe Class” does not Guarantee you will be ready to begin pointe.

Dance Attire: black leotard and pink footed or transitional tights ( a ballet skirt is fine- no bike shorts please)
Shoes: Pink Ballet shoes - NO Pointe Shoes required

Hair: pulled back into a bun and secured.


Thursday- Ages 9-11         3:00p-3:45p

Thursday- Ages 12+.         5:00p-5:45p  

Women Stretching

Strength and Conditioning

It is important for dancers to develop strength to enhance their endurance ability to perform. ... Strength training helps to develop core strength, that allows for more powerful movements in performance.

Conditioning is defined as a state of being physically fit so your body can safely perform the physical demands with least risk and possibility of injury. For dancers, body conditioning is all about working to tone and sculpt their muscles apart from, and over and above the dance movements.

Dance Attire: black leotard, black leggings
Shoes: Sneakers are required

Hair: pulled back in a pony tail 

Props: Yoga Mat as well as 2 exercise blocks


Wednesday            Ages 9-11       3:00p-3:45p

Wednesday            Ages 12 +       5:00p-5:45p

Young Ballerinas

Turns and Leaps

This class is specifically for the male or female dancer who wishes to perfect and refine their skills of turning, jumping and leaping. These classes are taught with an emphasis on technique and correct body placement. ... Along with turns and leaps, the dancers will be strengthening and conditioning their bodies.

Dance Attire: black leotard, black leggings
Shoes: Barefoot or turning shoes

Hair: pulled back in a pony tail or bun


Thursday            Ages 9-11       4:00p-4:45p

Thursday            Ages 12 +       6:00p-6:45p

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